V-LINK SD5 is a system developed for a broad range of users in the professional television industry. The device has numerous features ensuring stable and reliable transmission of audio and video signal conducting transmissions from mass events. The wireless solution opens a plethora of new possibilities to the camera operator. Reaching the spotlight areas with the camera is easier now (the cameraman no longer has to drag meters of cables behind him).

V-Link SD5
Wireless transmission of audio and video signals up to 500 meters

The V-LINK SD5 enables transmission up to 100 meters indoors. With the use of additional antennas at the receiver, the distance increases to 500 meters. Thanks to OFDM modulation, the signal can be transmitted in built-up areas, without ‘line of sight’ to the antennas!

Coded transmission in PAL or NTSC resolution

The V-LINK SD 5 system provides transmission of full PAL picture in the 720 x 576 (D1) resolution at 25 fps, and NTSC at 30 fps. It is protected by a 128-bit identification code (AES), which guarantees protection from unauthorised transmission viewing.

 The exceptional quality of transmission has been achieved thanks to:

  • OFDM modulation, familiar from WIMAX digital systems
  • Dynamic selection of working power and frequency (channel)
  • 128-bit code protecting the transmission
  • QoS mechanism, which ensures high transmission quality
  • MPEG2 compression – enables transmission of data at high video stream speeds, as well as multimedia data. It is  present in other systems, such as satellite digital television and DVB-T.
  • MIMO technology, consisting in multi-antenna transmission, increasing wireless bandwidth both for transmission and reception.

The use of the MIMO technology has various advantages, which include:

  • increased connection reliability, provided by improved resilience to radio signal loss and bouncing
  • transmission quality gain as a consequence of simultaneous reception of collection signal

The basic CDS-5021 TV set includes:

  • Digital TV transmitter x 1 pc.
  • Internal digital receiver x 1 pc.
  • Omnidirectional antenna 5 dBi  x 6 pcs.
  • Operation manual
  • CE compliance declaration
  • optionally, the transmitter may be fitted with a handle and an accumulator with a V-lock or Anton Bauer mount point

Note: the receiver only works with its own transmitter. The device only searches for its own transmitter, identified using its code, which effectively protects the device from third party viewing.

The video systems work in a point-point system, i.e.: one CDS-5021 TV set for each camera.

  • mobile transmission from the camera operator to the outside broadcast vehicle,
  • viewing of mobile pictures at film sets and in master control rooms,
  • in cable television and recording studios,
  • for slide projectors and TV projectors,
  • mobile filming at theatre stages and mass events,
  • professional TV cameras and CCTV cameras,
  • DVR recorders and multiplexers,
  • working with cameras in resolutions up to 1000 TVL.


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