We bring you new possibilities! Drones can take interesting shots and videos, but now you can do even more! Transmit Full-HD signal in real time with the BL-HD5-T1H. Be the first on the sport and send live, uncompressed video from the air. Share unique shots with thousands of people without any unnecessary delay.

If you would like to take your audience on a thrilling journey into the inaccessible, the BL-HD5-T1H is just for you. You will no longer need an expensive helicopter to do a live transmission and send HD signal to the broadcast van.
an. The BL-HD5-T1H makes reporters’ work safer and easier. You can transmit live from the epicentre of events in a safe way. Bird’s eye views are now available to a wide audience in real time and on multiple devices simultaneously.

Eye from sky

Broader perspective

With the BL-HD5-T1H, you will surprise your audience with spectacular views, show them places that used to be inaccessible, transmit television-quality video from sporting and mass events, facilitate rescue operations, and transmit political events or disaster scenes from a perspective that was impossible up to now.

Thanks to the duplex data transmission, you can adjust the settings of your camera and lens remotely, as well as receive other information from the camera or GPS. The duplex NO/NC interface allows you to control any other device: for instance, you can turn on extra lighting fitted to the drone or release an electric lock.

Go small, do more

We have been passionately working on wireless transmission systems for years. Our designers have taken great care when choosing components for the device, so that it would meet the expectations of the most demanding users. By using a housing made from carefully selected aluminium alloys, we have created an extremely sturdy yet lightweight structure that is resistant to shock and impact.


  • compact in size and weights less than 200 g
  • high mechanical resistance
  • no compression or delays
  • supports resolutions from PAL to Full HD (up to 1080i/60)
  • line-of-sight range: up to 600 m (under optimum conditions)
  • operates in the stable 5 GHz frequency band
  • manual channel selection (10 available frequencies)
  • duplex data transmission at a bit rate of up to 38,400 bps
  • 3G-SDI and HDMI video connections
  • a variety of mounting options, such as a 1/4″ screw socket and universal tie-wraps
  • multicasting to multiple receivers
  • simple and intuitive menu
  • BL-HD5-T1H transmitters are compatible with BL-HD5000 series television receivers

Now you can broadcast live aerial video from such places as:

  • concerts
  • mass events of any kind
  • sporting events, races
  • motor, motorboat and cycle sports
  • ski slopes
  • social and political events
  • scenes of environmental and large-scale disasters (floods, fires, avalanches, accidents, construction disasters, etc.)
  • danger areas
  • mountain trails and waterways (rescue)
  • limited access areas
  • coastal waters, beaches
  • highways


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